Racing at Conestoga Sailing Club is fun and friendly. The Club hosts several regattas spread out over the sailing season and weekly club races beginning in May. Club members are welcome to participate in all the racing events. All of the racing events are described in detail below with links to the sailing instructions (SI’s) and notice of race (NOR) sheets.

Wednesday Night
Wednesdays evenings from May to September are scheduled for the club’s weekly racing series. On Wednesday the club members race in a mixed fleet of boats using the Portsmouth numbers to adjust the finish times.  Wednesday nights are always a great time for everyone to come out and enjoy the lake full of sailboats.

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Wellington Cup
The Wellington Cup is a friendly event that is contested between the three sailing clubs that are located on lakes in Wellington County; the three clubs are Conestoga Sailing Club, Belwood Lake Sailing Club and the Guelph Community Boating Club. The Cup is held on a Sunday afternoon in June, scoring for the event uses a team format to determine the winner of the cup.

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Warm Water Regatta
The Warm Water Regatta (June 10-11 2017) is an annual open invitation regatta that the sailing club hosts. The event is attended by racers from around the province and is at stop on the Ontario Wayfarer Class racing circuit. There is a fee for this regatta that includes  Sunday Lunch.

On the Saturday June 10 2017 from 9am to 5 pm there will be a Race Training day run by Cam Lymburner at Conestoga Sailing Club.  This course includes lunch if preregistered, and is offered free of charge to Wayfarer Association Members. There is a $25 fee for non-members of the Wayfarer Association. After the training there will be a dinner and activities.  There is a $25 cost for the dinner and preregistration is required.

For more info, visit the Warm Water Regatta weekend page.


All Arms Race
The All Arms Race is a long distance race that takes members up each of the three arms of Conestoga Lake. The race is a chase event with the slower boats starting earlier in the day and the faster boats starting later on, racing to overtake everyone else to be the lead boat at the finish at 4:00pm. Following the race there is a dinner at the club.

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Club Championships

The Club Champs regatta is a two day event that is typically held on the last weekend in August. This open fleet regatta is scored using the Portsmounth scoring for system. Members and youth and adult sailing school participants are invited to join in this regatta. This is a great event to mark the winding down of the sailing season. A Club dinner is usually had on the Sunday evening.

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