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50th Well Done

On June 25th the Conestoga Sailing Club celebrated its 50th anniversary. There were lots of family and friends past and present out at the club. there where many positive comments and thanks from past and founding members. We will be posting photos and stories form the afternoon on the website shortly.

In the mean time we would like to recognize the volunteers that were instrumental in making the event so successful.

Al and Carol Nichols, Pat and Dwight Aplevich, David Von Wahl, Jan and Alannah d’Ailly, John Kuntz, Neal Moogk-Soulis, Leo and Joanne Van Kampen, Scott Ramsay, Alan Laderoute, Bill Martin, Don and Helen Hickman, Dave Mijer, Mike and Cathy Emily and Julianne Burton, Kate Kennedy, Laura Norton, Rodney Bakelaar, Spencer Gough, Aaron Stauch,

Thank You all for your effort getting the club ready and executing on the day.

Ben Harrison
Commodore Sailing Club

Warm Water Regatta

Warm Water Regatta
June 18th and 19th
Skippers meeting at 10:00 am Saturday and Sunday
Dinner at the club on Saturday evening.
Regatta entry fee: $25.00 per-person.

The coming weekend looks to be sunny and fair! High of 26 on Saturday and 23 on Sunday should provide some pleasant sailing conditions for the weekends regatta. Club members are welcome to come out and sail in the Wayfarer or the Open fleet. Or be on water spectators and join us for dinner.

Canada Post Strike

The Canada post strike will affect the registrations of the sailing school since it is the primary means by which we collect registrations and payment.
In the event the mail service in our region is completely stopped. The sailing school will make accommodations to collect registrations by other means. You can email your registration information saving a spot in a session. We can then collect the cheque on the first day of School. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask 519-638-5241 and