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Project Day 2

Ahoy Members!
The May 31 Project Day at the Clubhouse was a great success! Wow! Thanks to all that helped out!
We are just about there!
June 7 Task List
1. Docks – Skipper: Les Sherratt
– install new floaters to last finger dock
– add decking to 3 new docks
– finish hardware installation
– install finger docks onto main dock (several hands required)
2. Front Deck/Office – Skipper: Stephen Mercer
– install deck boards
– prepare and install ceiling tiles
Hand tools suggested for helpers.
3. Grounds and Clubhouse
– wash windows (upstairs and down)
– wash floors (upstairs and down)
– wash down refrigerator fronts
– any general cleaning
Grounds – Calling all Gardeners!
– reconstruct flower beds left and right of new deck
– re-furbish flowerbed by flag pole
(for those that have too many….a few no-maintenance perennials are welcome)
 – cut/trim grass
Several hands requested. Your own garden tools will be a great help.
Note: If you have a means (trailer) we could use a few loads of topsoil for the flower-beds. Dirt can be picked up free at the Waterloo Regional Landfill. Please communicate to Peter Draper if you are available to do this.
4. Concrete Preparation/Installation and Clean-up (if available by date)
– clean-up and back-fill from excavator
– build new east doorway deck (when concrete job has been completed)
– plant grass against new concrete
Note, the installation of the concrete pad/walkway will require volunteers during and after the job. If anyone is available to help, please contact Peter Draper. Tasks in addition to the pad and walkway are to install gutter run-offs, partial framing etc.
Coffee and Lunch Provided (Volunteers requested)

Project Day

Thank you to everyone who came out on May 31st for the first project day of the summer. We had a very successful start to the projects for this year. The fingers for the dock and the front door are coming along nicely.

We are continuing with the projects on June 7th and would appreciate any help we can get.

We also have an open house coming up on June 14th, please spread the word.