About Us

The Conestoga Sailing Club, located on Conestoga Lake has, for over 50 years, been providing a safe and fun sailing facility for residents of Wellington County and the Region of Waterloo. Founded in 1961 the Club has, and continues to be, a family oriented and volunteer based not for profit organization dedicated to promoting and supporting the sport of sailing both as a recreational pastime and a competitive sport.

Our continued commitment to the sport of sailing is reflected in our Club objectives. As a Sailing Club we strive to:

  • Promote a high standard of skill, seamanship and water safety in the handling of sail craft
  • Foster a friendly and co-operative spirit among our members and guests
  • Perpetuate the tradition and fine spirit of the sport of sailing, and
  • Arrange, develop and maintain proper facilities for the recreation of Members of the Club and others on a non-profit basis

As part of these objectives the Conestoga Sailing Club provides an array of services and benefits.  We operate a sailing school that provides training to youths, adults, and those with disabilities. We foster an active race scene with friendly weekly races and annual regattas. We host social events like cruise nights and potluck dinners and, we continue to maintain and add to a fleet of member use boats.

In addition to promoting sailing as a sport and pastime we are dedicated to keeping costs low. As a result, much of what Conestoga Sailing Club is today is due to the commitment and dedication of our volunteers. We understand that volunteerism is the basis of both our growth and success and therefore continue to foster a spirit of volunteerism among our membership.  From deck building to boat fixing to race running we rely on our volunteers to maintain and improve our programs and facilities. If you too are interested in lending a hand at Conestoga Sailing Club please visit our volunteering page for more information.

We have a lot going on at the Club and we invite you to visit us and discover the advantages of Conestoga Sailing Club.