Able Sail

Part of the Conestoga Sailing Club’s mission is to make sailing accessible to more people in our communities. To achieve this the Conestoga Sailing Club operates the able sail program for members of the sailing club and for participants of the youth and adult sailing school.

The Able Sail program is centered around two specially designed sail boats: the Challenger Trimaran and the Access 2.3. Both craft can accommodate two sailors and both are incredibly stable boats. These boats are designed to allow persons with mobility issues to safely and confidentially handle a sail boat without worry of capsizing. Both boats can be used any time by members of the sailing club or by anyone wishing to learn how to sail in the youth or the adult program. Students of the Able Sail program are typically integrated with the adult and the youth class. But it is always possible to arrange demo sails with individuals or small groups.

The Conestoga Sailing Club understands that persons with disabilities can face different financial realities. We are willing to work with interested candidates on an individual basis to access what rates are possible for sailing lessons and demo sails. The Conestoga Sailing Club is partnered with the cities of Waterloo and Kitchener and are able to help persons seek funding opportunities if they so desire. If you have any questions about the able sail program, or would like to come up for a sail around the lake with one of our qualified instructors or staff, please contact us! We’d love to take you out!