Club Facilities

The Conestoga Sailing Club, located on a 2 acre property on Conestogo Lake, features all of the amenities of a lakeside cottage. Our clubhouse features change rooms and a full kitchen. Our maintained grounds provide the perfect spot for a picnic and our boat park is spacious and secure. For more information on our Club facilities and amenities please see:

The Lake

Conestogo Lake, the largest lake on the Grand River, was formed by the building of the Conestogo Dam in 1958. It is managed by the Grand River Conservation authority and provides Conestoga sailors with ample space for their sailing adventures. Forming a distinct Y shape Conestogo Lake stretches 6 km up each arm. The depth of the lake varies throughout the season but can easily accommodate boats up to 23 ft.


On the ground floor of our clubhouse you will find a full kitchen with a stove, oven, microwave and fridges. Our kitchen also features a spacious food prep area and all the plates, cups, cutlery and pots you may need. All you need to do is bring the food! In addition to the kitchen, you will also find our men’s and women’s change rooms with washroom facilities on the ground floor. We also have an accessible washroom available for anyone with special needs.

Our outdoor patio features 2 BBQ grills for members use, a garbage and recycling area and picnic table seating.

Upstairs is our lounge and access to our updated deck. Nothing beats sitting up on the deck, in one of our comfortable Muskoka chairs, while taking in the lake views!

Club Hours

The Clubhouse is open from mid April to late October. There are no set Club hours throughout the sailing season. Club members can access the Club at any time of day from Club opening (April) to Club closing (October). Please note that our phone will only be answered if someone is in the office (but they are probably out sailing!). So leave us a message, or better yet, send us an email to get a timely response to your inquiry.

Launch Ramp and Docks

The Conestoga Sailing Club has a 200 ft concrete ramp to facilitate the launching of boats. The Club also features a 144 ft dock with plastic bumpers and an accessible ramp. Both our ramps and dock provide safe and easy access to the water for members of all abilities.

Boat Park

Conestoga Sailing Clubs’ 2 acre property allows for a spacious boat park. A chain gate at the top of the park provides security. Members can access the boat park with a key and can trailer boats down to the water via the driveway. Spots in the boat park are not assigned, but we do ask that boats on trailers stay at the top of the boat park while boats on dollies stay closer to the water. As the season goes on smaller boats may stay on the beach. Members are responsible for maintaining the grass under and around their boats.

We encourage members to take their boats home over the winter season. Boats, however, can stay in the boat park over the winter at the owner’s risk.


Conestoga Sailing Club features a wide and grassy picnic area with picnic tables, Muskoka chairs, and scenic views of the lake, as well as a beautiful out of the way point with a fire-pit for all those late night bonfires with your sailing friends…

Canoe/Kayak Rack

In addition to our boat park we also offer 2 canoe/kayak racks for members to use. These racks are located beside the sail shed and hold 6 boats each. Should you wish to use the canoe/kayak rack please make sure your name is clearly marked on your boat and secure it with a chain.


Conestoga Sailing Club offers a variety of boats for members to use. We currently  have 1 Access Dinghy, 1 Challenger Trimaran, 6 Club 420’s, 5 Topper Topaz,  and 4 Wayfarers available for member use. For more information on how to access club boats please visit Our Fleet page.