David von Wahl

2019 Key Event Listing

SGM – April 7, 2 PM

Club Opening – April 27 (rain date on May 4)

Wednesday Night Club Racing begins – May 22

Open House – June 2

Warm Water Regatta – June 8-9

Summer Solstice/Pirate Day event – (To be confirmed – June 21)

Wayfarer Training Day and Regatta – July 6-7

All Arms and Wellington Cup combined Regatta – July 21

Club Championships – August 24-25

Optimist Regatta – September 1st (Labour Day weekend)

Club Closing – October 5 (rain date October 19)

AGM – November 10, 2 PM

Board of Directors 2019

Jan d’Ailly

Vice Commodore
Open – Bruce Alexander, Acting

Sailing School Captain
Bruce Alexander

Shore Captain
Stephen Mercer

Fleet Captain
Graham Moogk-Soulis

Race Captain
Dave Meijer

Media Captain
David von Wahl

Open – Jan d’Ailly, Acting

Mark Dineen

Open house rescheduled & information on upcoming events

Due to poor weather conditions, the Conestoga Sailing Club has rescheduled the Open House to June 4th, 2016 starting at 11:00AM to 4:00PM. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Additionally, on Tuesday 17 May 2016 Scott Ramsay will be hosting an information session entitled “When Boats Meet: Basic Rules, Protests and Redress”

This will be held from 7:00 – 8:30 pm, at the Club

If you have a copy of the Racing Rules of Sailing please bring it with you.
Additional reading: http://www.sailing.ca/files/Collisions_Final.pdf

There will be additional onshore training sessions on Tuesday 24 May, and Tuesday 31 May. On-the-water practice starts on Tuesday 7 June.

Club Open House 2016

On Saturday, May 14th, the Conestoga Sailing Club will hold its annual Open House. Come join us between 11 am and 4 pm to enjoy all the things Conestoga has to offer.  We’ll offer free sailboat rides to the public and have information available about our Sailing School and summer programs. This is a great opportunity for members (both new and old!), friends, family, and the public to come out to the Sailing Club and enjoy an afternoon at the lake. We’ve got a great Club so let’s show it off a little!

We look forward to seeing you all there.

Need directions? Check out our map and directions here.
Got a question? Send us an email at information@kwsailing.org.
Or drop us a line at 519-638-5241.

Club Opening 2016

CSC Club Opening Day

Saturday April 16, 2016 9:00 AM


Remember:  Bring boots, work gloves – dress for the weather and task!

Need:  Rakes, trimmers, air compressor, general tools, extension cords, cordless drills etc.

Task Tasks Comment
Facilities –  Remove boards from windows and store

–  Hang CSC sign

–  Sweep/wash floors/walls (both levels)

–  Clean change-rooms and washrooms

–  Wash windows

–  Wash counters

–  Clean and plug in refrigerators/freezers

–  Open all windows for airing out

–  Clean/ready BBQ and eating area

–  Turn on water – replace drain plugs etc.

–  Turn on water heater

–  Check all lights

–  Move furniture upstairs. Place furniture

–    Requires 6-8 people

–    Most cleaning supplies available

–    Please record all areas of need and repair


Sheds –  Clean/Tidy Gas and Sail Sheds (sweep and tidy) -Requires 2-4 people
Grounds – Rake leaves

– Trim suckers from trees and grounds

– Clean flower beds

– Pick-up litter (grounds, boat park, point, entrance area, parking area, woods)

– Pick up branches (all accessible areas)

– Set out picnic tables/wash down tables

– Trim proposed flower bed areas

– Clean/tide/weed around all buildings

– General care/maintenance and clean-up

– Please bring rakes/garden tools

– Includes point

– Requires 6-8 people


Dock –                      –  Place and secure in water

–                      – Insert finger docks

–    Requires 6-8  people

–    Some heavy lifting involved

Boats – Check air in dollies, grease wheels

–  Remove boats from clubhouse, place on dollies

–  Place boats in Boat-Park by boat class

–  Hand down masts from upper deck

–  Step masts

–  Rig boats (420’s, Toppers)

–  Put whalers/Instruction Boats in water

–    Requires several people

–  Some heavy lifting involved

–    Rigging knowledge useful

–    Record all missing parts/needs

Lunch -Prepare, serve and clean-up lunch -Requires 3-4 people

Thank-you for Your Help and Support! Lunch for All at Noon!

Please Work Safe & Have Fun!!