2021 Canadian Intercollegiate Sailing – Cancelled

UPDATE: Unfortunately, other university teams did not receive permission to travel at this point, so the university regatta had to be cancelled.

This weekend our club reignited our long-standing relationship with the Laurier Sailing Team. A group of 12 Laurier sailors came to our club to train for the Laurier invitational regatta at our club on September 18-19. The team is also training for other regattas throughout Ontario and Quebec over the course of the Fall. They have also been invited to join our club race nights on Wednesdays. Go Hawks!

2021 Club Championships

The club championships took place August 28 & 29. This year we had two wonderful days of club racing with 13 boats on Saturday and 9 boats on Sunday,  and fun was had by all. Saturday’s 3  races featured moderate winds which varied  a fair bit across the lake.  Sunday featured heavier shifty winds and course feature broad reaches and close reaches.

Special thanks for Tom Sullivan, Thomas Jennewein and Ulrike Gross for running the races for us!


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AGM 2020 & Club Awards

Last update: 2020-11-10 23:22

The season has gone quite well with many new members, almost sold out adult lessons and even though we had to scale back the numbers for the youth camp, we were able to provide a solid and safe program. Financially we are in the black with a very strong balance sheet. Here are relevant documents for this year’s meeting:

2020 Agenda
2019 AGM Minutes
2020 Balance Sheet
2020 Profit & Loss

Because of COVID-19 restrictions we will hold our AGM through ZOOM this year. The link has now been sent out via Email.

The AGM is an opportunity to gather together to reflect on what the club has done well, what we should be doing better or differently, review our financial position and select our board members who will guide us for the next year.

A few years back when we updated our by-laws we introduced term limits for the board members. There will be a number of vacancies this year that need to be filled, and we were short two positions this past year. Its best for everyone if we have a full board.

It works is as follows:

At the AGM, a slate of 9 board members is voted upon. This board then meets and their first order of business is to determine who will take which role. This will include your interests, experience and time availability. The board is supported by many active members who help get the work done, “many hands make light work”. Our role as a board, for the most part, is to coordinate the activities and reach out into the membership to get things done.

To strengthen our board and provide continuity, we are looking for some particular interests and skills:

  • Managing our website, event/camp registrations, membership lists etc.
  • Social Media
  • Accounting/Book keeping
  • Legal
  • Social activities (as may be permitted)
  • Shore Captain
  • Secretary

If you are interested to be on the board, please either let me know by email, or be prepared to nominate yourself, or have someone nominate you for a position at the AGM. If you know of someone who you think would be good and might be interested, please also let me know. They can always decline.

If you have time to help in these areas but do not want to be on the board please let me know. If you’re interested in helping with web site management, please (also) contact David von Wahl at

As I will be stepping down as Commodore and moving into the role of Past Commodore, part of my role is to help bring on new board members. Please feel free to give me a call/email me if you have any questions about volunteering for the board. We, the club, need your help.

The board meets once per month for about 90 minutes, currently through ZOOM.

Watch this post for updates. The Zoom link has been sent via Email. For anyone who wants to review other 2019 info, check the 2019 AGM Agenda post, and preceding announcement post. If anyone has any questions or didn’t get the Zoom info, please Email me.

Jan d’Ailly

2020 Tentative Event Dates

Spring AGM April 5 2020

Club opening April 18 2020 (inclement weather date April 25 2020)

Open House June 6 2020 Postponed

Warm Water Regatta June August 15 and 16 2020 Open class

All Arms Race Sunday August 23 2020 Wayfarer start at 2:00pm

Wellington Cup Postponed

Club Championships August 29-30 2020

Club Closing October 3 2020 

Club Opening will go ahead this Saturday, May 23.

Follow-up to general Email: Club Opening will go ahead this Saturday, May 23.

As per our email from last week, we are able to open up the sailing club, but with some COVID-19 restrictions. We all want to get out and sail. As a board, we are taking a prudent approach to creating a safe environment, respecting all the government guidelines, and to be a good example. We all have our part to play.

The following are some key points to remember:

  1. The club is partially open. You may place your boat in the boat park and launch the boat for sailing. Otherwise, everything should be considered closed and out of bounds. The club house remains closed with the exception of using the washrooms with proper physical distancing. No use of the club barbeques, kitchen, fridges etc. Club boats will not be available until proper COVID-19 protocols are put in place, hopefully within a couple of weeks.

    For now, there are no social activities planned, no organized on-water racing, and no food or drink will be served. Of course you can bring something for yourself and you can use the picnic tables as a family unit or with proper distancing, but you should wipe them clean before and after use.

  2. There will be formal COVID-19 related protocols in place for the club opening. They are posted separately on the website, and will be at the club this Saturday morning. We want to take a common sense approach to the protocols and have a safe environment for all. They will include:
    • a. Do not come to the club if you have any symptoms related to COVID-19 or have been recently (within 2 weeks) exposed to those with COVID-19.
    • b. All Provincial and Regional physical distancing rules and limits of group sizes apply at the club, including frequent hand washing and avoiding touching your face. We should not be congregating, especially in confined areas.
    • c. If it is going to be difficult to distance, take extra precautions like using PPE. Please bring your own.
    • d. Only one person or family unit in each change room at a time.
    • e. Only two people working in the club house kitchen area during club opening only for cleaning/tidying at a time, with distancing.
    • f. Maintain physical distancing in the upstairs room, or use PPE.
    • g. The club will be providing sanitizer stations around the grounds, and soap and water to wash your hands. Please use them as needed.
    • h. Bring and use your own tools if possible. When using club tools, make sure to wash your hands before and after using the tools. If feasible, sanitize the tools before and after use.

    This will all seem awkward at first, and these are new habits to learn. We should not be shy about respectfully speaking up and reminding each other about safe practices as needed.

  3. Club opening: This will include the dock (already done), taking the boats and masts out of the clubhouse and into the boat park, removing the window coverings, putting up the signs, and the general cleanup of the clubhouse and the grounds. We have lots of room and we should be able to do all of this safely if we are careful and take precautions.
  4. Sailing camp and adult lessons: Day camps are likely to be permitted this summer, with COVID-19 restrictions. We are looking at how we can manage our youth summer camp, and we at this time we expect to go ahead. Please register if you want to assure a spot this summer even though things may shift around a bit.
  5. A determination regarding the Warm Water Regatta will be made at the end of the month.
  6. Really important: Early bird fees are due by club opening this Saturday May 23rd, so best to register and pay now (the early bird discount gets applied at check-out) via our Membership page.  Payment by eTransfer is preferred, saves us a few dollars.
  7. There will be a page on the website with COVID-19 related information and we will do our best to keep everything up to date.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me. Watch this News page for updates.

On behalf of the board, we are looking forward to a very enjoyable season.

Jan d’Ailly
Conestoga Sailing Club.

Club Opening delayed

Due to the current COVID-19 shutdown, the Sailing Club will remain closed until the rules allow us to open. We currently do not expect to open before May 9. Until this changes, no one is allowed to visit the club without approval of our Shore Captain. Watch this space for further announcements.