2013 AGM

The 2013 annual general meeting of the Conestoga sailing club was held on Sunday November 24th 2013. We meet at the KW Granite club. The minutes of the meeting can be found here

2013 Club awards

  • Carling Cup (Warm Water): Sue Pilling and Steph Romaniuk
  • All Arms Race: Al Nichols and Ken Nethercott
  • Club Championship: Bill McLaughlin
  • Wednesday Night Race Series:
    • Hugh Loughborough (June)
    • Don McKenzie (July)
    • Dwight and Pat Aplevich (August)
    • Nick Couwen (Overall)
  • Sailing School Awards:
    • White Sail (CanSail 1 – 2): Session 1 Isaac Dippel; Session 2 Luke Schmidt; Session 3 Ellie Wolfe; Overall Luke Schmidt
    •  Bronze Sail (CanSail 3 – 4): Session 1 Sally Draper; Session 2 Scottie Parker; Session 3 Keegan Poyeshi; Overall ;
  • Broken Rudder Award: Jan d’Ailly (two washes of the inside of his boat between races at the club championship)
  • Shore Captain Award: Stephen Mercer

Mississauga Sailing Club Regatta 2012

This year two Wayfarer’s from Conestoga competed at the Mississauga Wayfarer/CL16 regatta. Leo and Joanne Van Kampen repersented Conestoga by placing 4th. Scott Ramsey and Jan D’ailly Finished in 11th. Full results here.

training on the fluky winds of Conestoga Lake helped with the conditions on Saturday as the winds started very light (less than 5 km/hr) from the west and within an hour were about 10 km/hr from the east. Sundays winds were much more steady with 15 km/hr winds from the south gradually going to 15 km/hr from the south east by the end of the series.
-Leo Van Kampen