Club Closing

Members and Friends,

The sailing season really ends when the water turns to ice or in our case when the let all the water drain. This year we still have water to sail on so I’m not sure which will happen first. Either way it is that time of year to think about club closing activities.

Club closing will be October 22. We will also reserve October 29 as a rain day.

Time: 9:30 to 12:00.

Main tasks include:

  • Storing the boats in the club house.
  • Winterizing the Club house.
  • Hauling the dock up with the tractor.
  • Organizing the Sail and Gas Sheds.

Also this weekend Commodore Ben Harrison (myself) will be heading up to the club on Sunday morning (less rain of the two days) to start and inventory of the club boats essentially making a list of improvements and equipment to by for the wayfarer fleet over the winter. If anyone would like to join him please reply. He would appreciate any help.