Club opening for 2014 on April 26th

And we need your help!

Club Opening is April 26th starting at 8:30 am

Sailing season is just around the corner and we need to get the Clubhouse and boats into ship shape. Dust off your work gloves, put on your rubber boots and come lend us a hand for an hour or two ( or even a few!) on April 26th. The fun and games will start at 9:30 am and will run till the work is done. We`ll break for a yummy Club provided lunch before finishing off our Club Opening tasks.

To give you an idea of the types of tasks we need help with we are looking for volunteers who can:

  • Inflate dolly tires
  • Lift boats out of the building
  • Step masts
  • Leaf raking and branch clean up
  • Sweep a mean broom
  • Seed some grass while chanting “grow grass grow!”
  • Prep and clean up lunch
  • Collect and cut up fallen twigs and branches
  • Push out the dock while magically staying dry!
  • Service and start lawn mowers and trimmers
  • And many many others tasks ( can you see why we need your help now!)

We are also looking for members to bring the following tools/equipment:

  • A 8 ft Ladder
  • Cordless drills ( with charged batteries please!) x 2
  • Lawn rakes x a few
  • Pruners for vine cutting
  • A set of hip waders ( and a volunteer willing to use them!)
  • Air compressor and hose
  • General tools

To help with the food count please RSVP via email at

We certainly hope that everyone can come out to help where they can and meet old and new friends. ┬áIt’s important that the Club family make the club better and it’ imperative to a successful sailing year.