KSA’s Volunteer Recognition Award

On November 20, the Kitchener Sports Association held their annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner at the Edelweiss Sports Bar in Kitchener. Mike and Cathy Burton were chosen by Conestoga Sailing Clubs’ Board of Directors as this year’s recipients. Read on for a brief synopsis of Mike and Cathy’s efforts over the years:

Cathy and Mike Burton have been members of the Conestoga Sailing Club since 2009. It is fair to say that Mike and Cathy’s ratio of work to fun (aka sailing) is tipped almost completely to the work side. This is why the sailing club executive chose to honor them for this year’s Kitchener Sports Association’s Volunteer Recognition Award.
In order to keep the sailing club running in tip top shape we need supplies on hand. We all know the heart ache of coming in off the water, looking forward to a BBQ dinner, only to discover we are out of propane! Well, Cathy has been making sure that no-one has to experience these little frustrations. From propane, to band aids, to cleaning supplies, and perhaps most importantly, toilet paper, Cathy always makes sure that the club has what it needs to run smoothly. In addition to these day to day things, Cathy also makes sure that our safety policies are kept up to date and adhered to.

In addition to Cathy ensuring our club has the supplies it needs, she also supplies Mike for almost all of our club projects. Mike has been very active in the maintenance of our facilities and equipment over the years. From club opening and closing, to major capital projects, to project that “ shouldn’t take very long” but always do, we can count on Mike being there with the tools that we need and a smile on his face. We can safely say that when Mike’s around we all stay just a little bit longer to hear his signature laugh.

You can always pick out the Burton’s at club events. They are always the ones asking what they can do to help. And because of their continued efforts the Conestoga Sailing Club is a better place for all of its members. So please, help us thank the Burton’s for their volunteer efforts at this year’s Kitchener Sports Associations’ Volunteer Recognition Dinner.

Congratulations Cathy and Mike!