Boat Use Policy

Conestoga Boat Use Policy

The Conestoga Sailing Club owns a fleet of sail boats that are available for any member to use while the boat is not in use by the Conestoga Sailing School. Effectively members of the club do not need their own sailboat to participate in sailing.  All members are expected to contribute to maintenance work at the club and to look after and clean the boats as if they were their own. The following points govern the use of the club boats.

Who can take a club boat out on the water?

  • Any member in good standing of the Conestoga Sailing Club may use the club boats.
  • Members must have either achieved the CANsail Level 1 or pass a competency evaluation by one of the sailing school instructors.
  • Guests may accompany members on a club boat.


  • Everyone must wear a personal flotation device (PFD) at all times when using a club boat.
  • Each boat must contain the following safety equipment: 15 meters of buoyant heaving line, a paddle, a bailer and a whistle.
  • Members must ensure that the boat is correctly rigged. If in doubt, ask for help.
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed on club boats.
  • Members may have this privilege revoked at any time, if deemed necessary by the club Executive Board.

Damage and Problems

  • Normal wear and tear on the boats and rigging is expected. However, any significant damage is the responsibility of the member and the repair costs will be billed.
  • Report any damage, missing or unserviceable parts immediately to the Shore Captain or any club director.


  • Boats are to be kept in the dingy park on the correct launch dolly so that water drains out of the cockpit and hull. They are not to be left at the dock except for maintenance or immediate re-launching. Boats may not be beached or left on the ground without a launch dolly.
  • Members must de-rig the boats after each use. Sails and equipment must be returned to the sail shed and stored neatly.

Regattas and Reservations

  • Conestoga Sailing Club encourages members to use the club’s boats to participate in club regattas. Members can reserve a club boat for any club regatta by contacting the Race Captain in advance of the event.
  • Members can also use a club boat to represent our club in a regatta held at another location. In this case the member must obtain written permission from the club Commodore as such use involves road trailering of the boat and usually a longer time period.