Weekly Events


Sunday Afternoon Races  Starts July 5th 2020

New this year, we are starting Sunday afternoon races.  These are  races to practice some sailing skills, have some fun, and are suitable to any sailing level.  Its open to all classes of boats.  We are striving for 3 races in the afternoon, each lasting between 20 and 30 minutes.

With the COVID restrictions, double handed boats must be a single family unit or circle.

Wednesday Night Races   Started

Wednesday Nights feature organized races for youth and adults.  All members have to do is show up and participate. The first warning signal for weekday racing is at 1845. Members wishing to participate should be at the club by 1800 and on the water by 1820. The race course is marked and the races are conducted following the current Racing Rules of Sailing. A powered race committee boat and/or a powered mark boat control racing. Because the Club caters to many different classes of boats, race results are handicapped using the Portsmouth system.  For new sailors, racing is a great way of learning the finer points of sailing. If you have any questions there are many people around the club who can help you out with the answers. So come out and try your best! Remember, we all stated in the same boat!

Cruise Nights

Another very important weekly event is our Friday Cruise Nights. The formula of cruise night is the following:

  • Head to the sailing club after work on Friday.
  • Bring a picnic dinner or something for the BBQ.
  • Head out for a sail around the lake to work up an appetite.
  • Enjoy an evening meal with the company of whoever else is at the club.

Just to show everyone where a little Friday night sail can take you, the founder of Friday Cruise Nights, one of our clubs cruising champions, Ben Ho and his wife Eliza, have taken their cruising adventures to the Mediterranean Sea. You can follow Ben and Eliza’s travels on their blog  Three Rivers Cruising.