Racing at Conestoga Sailing Club is fun and friendly, and a great way to improve your sailing skills. The Club normally hosts several regattas spread out over the sailing season and weekly club races beginning in May. Club members are welcome to participate in all the racing events. For up-to-date information about upcoming races, please visit our Racing News page.

Club Racing: Wednesday Night and Sunday Afternoon

The purpose of the club races are to give everyone an opportunity to improve their sailing and racing skills in a friendly and supportive environment. Club racing takes place from May to September.

For those just learning how to sail, it is a great opportunity to become more proficient in boat handling and sailing to a set course, and to enjoy some fun sailing time on the water with like-minded sailors.

For the more competitive and advanced sailors and the youth racing team, the weekly club races offer an opportunity to improve and fine-tune skills and techniques, and for some, as training to compete in regional and national regattas.

The rules of racing are expected to be followed: as they say, good fences make for good neighbours, and the rules of racing help keep sailing safe for everyone.

Club boats can be used for club races. The youth racing team will be given priority to the newer boats.

Club race are run as follows:

  • Wednesday night race: Warning flag up 6:30 sharp
  • Sunday afternoon race: Warning flag up at 2:30 sharp
  • If you miss the first race, you can join in on the second race.
  • Race course : Triangle/Sausage. Markers will be set as an equilateral triangle.
  • Class A: Complete the triangle only. This is ideal for the slower boat classes and less experienced sailors. Finish will be upwind across the start/finish line.
  • Class B: Complete triangle and the sausage. Ideal for the faster boat classes, the youth racing team and more experienced sailors and racers. There will be a downwind finish across the start/finish line.
  • If there are more than 10 boats racing, the race committee is encouraged to have separate starts for Class A and Class B.
  • The race committee may alter the course(s) according to weather conditions.

Warm Water Regatta

The Warm Water Regatta  is an annual open invitation regatta that the sailing club hosts with a focus on Wayfarers, Lasers and Albacores. The event is usually attended by racers from around Eastern Canada and New England and is a stop on the  Wayfarer Class racing circuit.

2022 Warm Water Regatta

All Arms Race

The All Arms Race is a long distance race that takes members up each of the three arms of Conestoga Lake. The race is a chase event with the slower boats starting earlier in the day and the faster boats starting later on, racing to overtake everyone else to be the lead boat at the finish around 4:00pm. Following the race we typically gather to socialize with food & drink.

Club Championship

The Club Champs regatta is normally a two day event that is typically held on one of the last weekends in August. This open fleet regatta is scored using the Portsmouth scoring system. Members and youth and adult sailing school participants are invited to join in this regatta. While this is a two day regatta, everyone is more than welcome to join in for a single day, especially the Sunday. Everyone is welcome to join in, regardless of experience, and join the after-race socializing.