The Conestoga Sailing Club has a long history of volunteerism.  From deck building to boat fixing to race running we rely on our volunteers to maintain and improve our programs and facilities.  To keep our membership costs low we only hire a small staff during the summer months to man our instructional programs and take on some of the administrative and maintenance duties. This is where our members come in. Over the course of a season each membership level is required to complete a number of volunteer hours to help keep the club running in tip top shape.

To volunteer and sign up for specific jobs or events please see our job board.  Member initiatives are always welcome! If you have an idea of something you would like to do please send us an email to information@kwsailing.org.

Job Board

To see current volunteer opportunities please expand the area of work that interests you.



– Clean bathrooms
– Clean refrigerators
– Clean counter-tops/kitchen area
– Empty garbage (waste can be tossed into the dumpster, recyclables need to be taken home)

Tasks that can be performed Monthly:
– Wash Club-House floors
– Wash windows in need

– Lawn mowing
– Grass trimming
– Sweep ramp