The Conestoga Sailing Club, founded in 1961, has a long and rich history. To see some of Conestoga Sailing Club’s milestones please scroll through our timeline. We would like to extend a BIG thank you to Alistair and John Martin for compiling CSC’s historical record to date. Should you have any content or photos from CSC`s past that you would like to share please email us at information@kwsailing.org.

Parade of Commodores:

Throughout the years CSC has relied on the leadership of its’ Commodores to keep the Club running smoothly. Here we recognize all of our past Commodores:

Bob Cowan 1961
Jim Stephens 1962
Gerald McKee 1963
Ron Sills 1964-1965
Ray Purtle 1966
Don Williams 1967-1968
Bob Rood 1969-1970
Bernie Piggott 1971-1972
Dave Weaver 1973-1974
Geroge Plante 1975-1976
Peter Urwin 1977-1978
John Martin 1979-1980
Jack Gorrie 1981-1982
Jim Warren 1983
Marlene Krebs 1984-1985
Dwight Aplevich 1986-1987
Bill Schmidt 1988-1989
Sandro Gentile 1990-1991
Dave Luft 1992-1993
Hugh Loughborough 1994-1995
Richard Gerson 1996-1997
Al Nichols 1998-1999
Ryan Mahaffey 2000-2001
Sandra Moon 2002
Dave Meijer 2003-2004
Jan d’Ailly 2005-2009
Ben Harrison 2010-2012
Clara Janecka 2013
Jan d’Ailly 2013
Paul Moore 2014
Leo Van Kampen 2015